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POLICE SCIENCE INSTITUTE is the world leading "on - line" Institute, being solely dedicated to education in the fields of Private Investigation, Homeland Security, Criminal Justice and Police Science specialties. POLICE SCIENCE INSTITUTE Faculty are graduates of Elite Military Units, Intelligence and Security Services, as well as other Professional Disciplines. All have years of practical and teaching experience in their fields. POLICE SCIENCE INSTITUTE is engaged in education and training for the Investigation and Security fields, including (but not limited to) Anti-Terrorism, Executive Protection, Security Management, Corporate Security, Intelligence and much more.


A private investigator or private detective (often shortened to PI or private eye) is a person who can be hired by individuals or groups to undertake investigations.  Private investigators often work for attorneys in civil cases.  Many work for insurance … Continue reading

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It is difficult to know exactly when the first Private Investigator appeared.  If we think of Investigators as an arm of the police, then, we have to look back at least as far as the early Egyptian and Sumerians. It … Continue reading

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Though glamorized by television, a career as a private investigator is often a stressful, somewhat dangerous and irregular one.  Private detectives are freelance professional investigators hired by individuals to assist in legal proceedings and other private matters.  Quite often, a … Continue reading

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